Monday, December 3, 2012

Dognomics: Resource Scarcity

There is only so much sauce in the spaghetti container that either Annie or Paul can eat so there are 3 ways that sauce can be rationed out for them. 
1) First come, first serve: We finish the spaghetti, and whistle and who ever come running gets to eat the spaghetti sauce.  Since Paul is so nervous about coming up to the hubs, Annie usually gets the most food that way.
2) Second is by lottery.  We get a coin and assign heads to Paul and tails to Ms. Butt (get it: butt, tails?  Anyhow) We flip the coin and whatever side the coin lands on, we award the spaghetti sauce to them?

3) Third is by auction.  We can call over both Annie and Paul and say, who ever gives the most kisses to the mom gets this spaghetti sauce.  So Annie would offer 4 sniffles and a kiss.  Paul, since he’s much more loving, would offer a million kisses to the Mom!  Since obviously, a million is more than 1, Paul would get the spaghetti sauce that way.  


  1. So which was it? Sometimes we do "race" and of course Miss M wins. Sometimes we do "talent"....of course Miss M wins. But E always does "favorites" so Mr. B can always win.

  2. It kind of depends on the night. There are some nights that Paul's afraid of the plate, so Annie eats everything. There are some nights we can't feed the leftovers to Annie (wheat makes her itchy) so Paul eat the pizza crust. And there are some times one of them takes the plastic container and runs off with it while the other one looks sadly at us.