Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Annie's Tummy: again

     I was all set to do a post about Annie and Paul eating skim milk right from the Hubbs cereal bowl.  We laughed, took pics, and let them clean out the bowl at the end of the cereal.  And it was funny, until 5:30 this morning.
     That's when Paul did the, "MOM!  WAKE UP!! NOW!!!!!!" bark.  Out of bed, into my wellies, collars, leashes, into the front yard just in time for Annie's upset tummy.
     Yep, it's all fun and games until Mom's making bland diet again. …….. 


  1. Oh no...we hate when that happens! At least you have Paul to alert you!

  2. Wait, so Paul alerts you to Annie needing to go? I. Love. Him. Sorry to hear the tummy issues are back! I put both my boys on a pro-biotic and it seems to help them with the occasional issues. Not sure if your vet or you is open that. Good luck! Keep up the good work Paul!!!