Monday, October 14, 2013

Candles in the house

     We've all done it: walked in the house after a long hard day, twitched our noses, said it, and then found it.  Dog poo.

     If you read our Facebook page at all, you saw the early morning post about Annie's upset stomach at 12:45 and at 1:45.  Her stomach still wasn't happy on her morning walk despite being in play mode and jumping on The Hubbs.  

     So, tonight, after I got home and cleaned up behind her, I lit several candles all over the house.  I thought the little one in the middle of our messy coffee table to help it stay stable.  The big one above is on the kitchen counter.  

     These ones are my favorite dog proof candles because they're bolted to the wall and out of the reach of noses and tails.  (IKEA no longer makes these)  They're the perfect size for tea lights and do a nice job.

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  1. I love scented candles, especially matching the candle to the season (for example, I'm currently obsessed with my pumpkin pie one). They definitely came in handy over this past week when we got SO much rain and the house constantly smelled like wet dog, since Lily got soaked every time she went out for a potty break. They also work great to get rid of the stinky bully stick smell. Sorry Annie's not feeling well :(