Monday, October 7, 2013

Itchy Annie: Part, I've lost count

     Remember a month ago when Annie and Paul were put on Comfortis to keep fleas off of them?  (City dwellers who are jealous of yards, be happy you don't have to worry about fleas in said yard)  Well, a month later, we're still on Comfortis.  Annie is also on 2 other anti itch, antihistamine meds that have her consuming water like crazy.

     She's not horribly sick by any means, but wow, can she itch when she's not on these.  The amazing thing is, once we've cut back from teh 3 pills twice a day to 1 pill once a day with a plane Clariton, she almost totally stops itching.  She still nibbles on her paws, so we wipe them down with baby wipes.
     However, for the first time ever, Annie's not itching and scratching like crazy.  And before anyone lights my ears up (so to speak) please know she was our first dog.  I just always assumed that all dogs itched this much.

     What we are down to now: 1 pill of an antihistamine with a steroid once a day, 1 Clariton, wiping down paws after each trip into the yard, and cleaning out her ears each week (with gauze pads instead of  cotton balls)

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  1. Although it does not solve any indoor allergy itchies, the first frost is something you will come to love (as we do)! After the first frost, Melvin's itching diminishes greatly, almost to that of a 'normal' amount!