Friday, November 1, 2013

Dinner with the pups, sort of

     What I thought I'd post this week: 

     With the Hubbs being a grad student, dinner is often an odd mess.  It means we come home from our respective schools and eat whatever we find.  I've gotten into salads latley, but we've also eaten PBJ, spaghetti, the ever popular fast food, mexican, or skipped dinner all together.
    Tonight, it's leftover lasagna for me and cereal for the Hubbs.  (Martin's does by 3 boxes of cereal and the milk is free)  The pups have had their kibble and they've had a bully stick each.
     When the Hubbs sat down to eat, they came right up to him.  With the idea if they smell it they won't like it, he tried offering Annie and Paul each the chance to eat some of his dinner.  Scratch that idea.  Annie and Paul started to down the bowl of granola and skim milk.
     You know Annie is a total Daddy's Girl when she ends up with oats on her head and the Hubbs eats the oats right off of her head.

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  1. HAHAHA - too funny! Tess LOVES getting the milk at the end of the cereal - she has a rock hard stomach, so we don't have to worry about upset tummies!