Wednesday, September 12, 2012


     I'm very good at worrying about things.  Honestly, it's one of those things that I excel at.  Presently, I'm worried about dogs at the shelters.  Right now, we're a 1 income household with 2 dogs and I'm being financially responsible when I say that's what we can afford.  But today, I'm worried.
     A friend of mine tagged me in a response on Facebook to a friend of her's who is a shelter volunteer.  "Hey, you know a lot of dog people.  Can you help this friend?" was essentially what was said.  And I'm now trying to find resources to help this volunteer shelter worker who watched 11 pit bull mixes be taken in by the Dinwiddie County Shelter in Virginia today.
     The first and nearest suggestion was Gracie's Guardian's in Richmond, VA.  They're a part of Richmond Animal League and GG works specifically with pitt bull type dogs.  (The name Gracie is from one of the Vick dogs that a RAL board member now has.)  There's also Ring Dog Rescue in Richmond.  Once again, they work for pitt bull type dogs.  But that's where the list ends.  Richmond is a "major" city for us.  And as cities go, it's on the smaller end of the scale.  On top of it, Dinwiddie County doesn't have a lot of resources on it's own.  Most of the residents are farmers.  And while it's beautiful country, farmer's aren't rich by any stretch of the imagination.
     Below are some pictures MPW took of the puppies and Mom who were dropped off.  She's trying to find any rescue in North Carolina, Virginia, or Maryland that will help her get any of the pitties out of the shelter.  The pups and mom total 7 (6 pups and mom).  There are 5 other pitties at the shelter that aren't part of the family, but who still need to be rescued.     Please contact me at if you're interested in adopting, rescuing, helping at all.  I'll pass any information along to MPW.

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  1. I just heard from MWP that a chocolate pittie with her pups were dropped off today as well. Please help! If you can't help, please share!