Friday, September 14, 2012

Bath Time: Part 2

     After Paul got his bath, Annie knew it was her turn.  I was totally soaked from Paul, so the Hubbs was nice enough to pick up Annie and bring her into the bathroom for me.  Paul's water was filthy, so I drained it and Annie got nice clean water for her bath.
Woe is me!  I don't like baths!
     For all of the moping that Annie does while getting a bath, she is our "mature" puppy.  I can almost hear her say, "Ok, fine, I'll stand here so you can bathe me, but I'm not happy about it!"  She stands still in the tub as water's poured over her, soap is worked in (thank you Rupert's Simply Smoochable Doggie Shampoo that we learned about from Emily over at Our Waldo Bungie), and rinsed off.

     While Paul tries to escape, Annie just looks hopelessly sad the entire bath.  Because of her allergies, we use the unscented dog shampoo with minimal ingredients in it to try and help her have as few allergic reactions as possible.  

Does anyone else out there have any strategies you use to give your pups a bath?

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  1. My strategy is to never play a role in bath time! I pick up poop and vomit over bath every time.