Monday, September 10, 2012

Bath Time: Part 1

     I always know Annie and Paul need a bath when Paul stops rolling in the grass to get rid of his "nice clean smell."  This past weekend, before the stomach flue hit,  Annie and Paul got their bath's.
Paul got to go first.  We've never even tried taking either of them somewhere to get a bath, Paul developed a fear of PetSmart when an inexperienced nail trimmer trimmed his nails.  Now when we go in, he does his best to drag me away from the salon.
Please excuse the duck tape on tile in the background.  That's the present home improvement project that we need to finish! 
     Paul's improved from when we would first bathe him.  It would take both the Hubbs and I about 20 minutes.  I'd play goalie to keep Paul in the tub, and Hubbs would be in charge of washing him.  Because of Paul trying to climb out of the tub by going over, around, and through me (I'm stronger than I look) I'd wear long sleeve shirts and blue jeans to try to protect my skin from his nails.  (I swear Paul is part cat).  For this bath, he only tried to go over my left shoulder once (Yea, progress!).
     Part of what has calmed him down is running a few inches of bath water before I put him in the tub. We used to use the shower head and he didn't like that at all!  Now we use the bath water and an old plastic drink container to pour water over him.  Paul's still not a fan of the bath, but he'll tolerate it better now.  I can even wash him by myself!

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  1. Paul got this bath about a week ago. Tonight, he found goose poo in the grass across the street from our house to roll in........*sigh*