Monday, August 12, 2013

No Blog Is An Island: Why I blog

     A couple of months ago, I posted something on my personal Facebook page about Annie and Paul.  I can't remember now what it was about, but within an hour, I had several responses from Aunt Karen and E at Our Waldo Bungie.  They both bounced ideas off of each other and gave me a bunch of solutions on what to do.

     Last week when Annie started removing her own fur because of flees, my anxiety set in.  Once again, it was fellow bloggers to the rescue.  Aunt Karen swung through to confirm that I was looking at flee bites on Annie's back and Melvin and Jake's Mom kept me calm by telling me about Melvin's allergies and hair loss over the years.

     Last week, I wrote to Athena's Mom at Pitlandia about dog allergies and how much Benadryl they were giving Bena.  Thinking maybe I could just up the dose and Annie would stop itching.  (She's now on (Claritin 10mg a day for 60lbs dog.))  We ended up consoling each other's lack of knowledge over "what's wrong with our dogs?!?!?!"

     About once a month, I see a cute Mutts comic strip somewhere on Facebook.  I immediately hit share and send it to Shadow, Buddy, and Ginger's Mom, G, in India.  She may be sleeping or at work (and I've given up counting time zones), but I always get a happy response back in 24 hours of how it was loved by all.

     This past year, one of my students pointed out that I no longer talked about my dogs as much as I had in prior years.  I realized that often when coworkers talked about their child at home, I'd chime in with what Annie and Paul did that was similar and my students would hear of Annie and Paul that way.

     "No man is an island" is an age old poem by John Donne that highlights beautifully what I love most about being a blogger.  Truth be told, I hate to write.  It is the bane of my existence and often, I will go out of my way to get out of writing.  But, I write here because it allows me to be part of a community of dog lovers.  It gives me an outlet and a link to other people who have been down this road before.  We may not live in the same state, time zone, or continent, but we all support one another.

     I am constantly falling in love with the world that was opened up to me when one summer I discovered the blog "Two Pitties in the City."  From there, I've discovered countless blogs: "Love and a 6 Foot Leash", "Our Waldo Bungie", "Pitlandia", "Mr. and Mrs. Nola Kisses", "Oh, Melvin", "Paw Prints in the Sands of Time", "Oh, Corbin", "Bad Rap Blogs", "Erie-sisti-Bulls", "Rolling with Rubi" and many more.

    This is my favorite little corner of the world that I choose to live in.  And I thank all of you who live here with me.


  1. LOVE! It's truly our pleasure! We are loving this little world we've found, too!

  2. Right back atcha sister!