Monday, August 5, 2013

Events of the Past: Arts in the Park

     Arts in the Park happens the weekend before Mother's Day each year in Byrd Park in Richmond.  It's a great chance for the community to come out and enjoy the arts be it painting, sculpture, garden, hammocks, poetry, glass work, soaps, jewelry, and soo much more.
Paul thinking about Mr. B's TeePee and wondering about what life would be like with one.  Too bad no one sells pop up hoguns.  
     Since I usualy go on my own, I don't take Annie and Paul together.  Annie and I went on Saturday for Mother/Daughter bonding time and Paul and I went Sunday.

     Annie spent most of the 3 hours we were there sniffing.  She is defiantly a hound.  We only got through half of the exhibits while we were there because Annie stopped and sniffed at every tree in the park.  So you can imagine how slowly we walked the whole time.  But she got lots of compliments and lots of little kids pet to pet her.  

     Paul and I made record time the next day going around the park.  I was very proud of him in the double booth of glass bird baths.  The place you pay for the glass was at the back of the booth and there were lots of distractions and people and expensive glass all around.  One false move would mean a large bill at both the emergency vet and to the artist.  With the help of cheese and his thundershirt, he stayed very calm!!

     I think Paul had lots of fun when he found the dirt a little while later.......


  1. Love that you gave each pup his/her own day and can totally relate to the slow going with a hound!

  2. so fun! and I agree - it is nice to do things separately with the pooches every one in a while! Ed is quite literally a bull(dog) in a China shop, so I'm not sure how well he would do at a fair like this, but Tess is the perfect s hopping companion!

  3. Love that you had separate bonding time, and I think you should definitely get Paul that tepee!

  4. I love how they have different approaches to the event! Makes it more interesting for you being there two days in a row!