Friday, August 30, 2013

Early morning Ideas

     You know the feeling when you wake up, turn off the alarm, go to the bathroom, make coffee, and start eating your breakfast?  The feeling of, "ok, it's going to be an ok day because I'm at least out of bed and look at what all I've accomplished in 15 minutes."  This is usually the point in the day I start thinking about "what should I start writing about for the blog?" and I start thinking of different things and partially composing some things in my head.  Of course, I'm not near the computer at this point.  That in my room on the headboard away from the cereal that I will most likely spill while trying to type on said computer.  It's 5:50 am and for some unknown reason, I think, "I'll remember these post ideas later today when I have the time to write them down on my computer."
     It's not a totally unreasonable idea as I am a computer teacher and spend the majority of my day looking at and using computers.  And then reality sits in.  While yes, I spend the day running between my students, colleagues, and computers, I never have that spare moment to punch my ideas into blogger.  (Not even on the blogger app)
     I don't even attempt to take care of anything like this on the commute home (hour long car drive).  By the time I get home, walk pups, make dinner, do some work, and attempt to relax by blogging, I'm sooo out of it, I can't think of a thing to write.   I know I had wonderful blogging ideas at 5:30 am.  Why is it I can't remember them for the life of me by 7:30 pm?  *Sigh*

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