Friday, May 18, 2012


OK, so maybe this raw diet isn't all it's cracked up to be.  I took Annie and Paul out for their last pee before I went off to school this AM.  When I looked down at the grass where Annie had peed, I noticed it was bright red.  Quickly called my principal (who knows my dogs are my kids and was completely supportive), called the vet, and changed into jeans and a t-shirt from my slacks and button down.  I then had to prevent Annie from peeing for the next hour and make sure she had liquids in her.  I took the water from the last of the cooked chicken and fed that to her right before we left for the vet.  Add in a 20 minute car ride and she was ready to pee when we pulled up to the vet.
The vet tech and I took her out to the front lawn and proceeded to collect her urin (which had to be funny for someone to watch).
Long story made short, the vet said to stop with the raw diet and go back to the kibble that I know Annie's allergic to because the raw diet may be causing the urinary track infection.  (blah!)
So we're back on the kibble and the itch is slowly coming back.  Ann's taking an antibiotic to clear up the UTI and 1000 IU of fish oil each day.The vet said it's supposed to be every other day, but she's itching like crazy on the off day.
I noticed as well that Paul tends to lick himself more now that we've switched back to the kibble.  So he's also getting the fish oil each day.
This is very frustrating to me, I just want to feed the pups without causing them to itch like crazy.  My big frustration is that the hubs and I will be sleeping with the dogs in their room this weekend and I know neither of us will get much sleep with the licking and scratching.

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