Saturday, May 19, 2012


Greetings to Alaska and Germany!  I'm starting to goof around some with the behind the scenes info of the blogger world.  I've always loved math and science and I'm getting such a kick out of which posts are viewed, when they're viewed, and where they are viewed from.  Also, as a computer teacher, I'm enjoying seeing what OS and web browsers are being used to view the blog as well (yea, I'm a dork).
I'm wondering, are the views from people I know (or at least know in the blogville world)?  And how well does this blog translate into other languages?  I've had some students from other countries over the years who don't speak English when I meet them.  Often, I've wondered how much of my "overgrown real life cartoon character" personality scares them.
So please post a comment below and let me know any of the answers to the semi statistical questions above!  I'm really excited to hear!

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