Thursday, January 23, 2014

The Snow in Virginia

     Growing up in Pittsburgh, PA and the Hubbs growing up in Monument Valley, AZ, we're not strangers to cold.  We know how to shovel, bundle up, and drive in it.  Annie and Paul, as far as we know, were born in Virginia and have only seen bits and pieces of the white fluffy stuff.  Just enough to be a pain, but not enough to do stuff with.

     We got about an inch and a half of snow yesterday, and below freezing temps today.  Grand total, our morning walk went for about 30 yards before Paul decided he had had enough.  The turn around came when he started refusing to put his front right paw in the snow.  In the 20 yards back to the front door, Paul alternated the "paw too cold to put on the ground" move with his front left before limping with both paws (interesting to watch, good for background knowledge) into the house.
Paul's snow angel.
     Annie, in all honesty, seemed to care less about it.  She even behaved when crossing the street! (Which is more amazing than it sounds.)  While she's still not thrilled wearing clothing and itches like crazy in it, Annie will still walk in the snow like she always has.  

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  1. My boys don't like snow but I've come to realized that the almost foot of snow on the ground helps hold up Jake's legs so now we may have to move to Alaska! Stay warm, this is crazy cold!