Friday, January 10, 2014

Let There Be Art

     I'm not big on home design.  After teaching all day and re-arranging my class room every couple of weeks, I'm exhausted when I get home and just want to vedge out.  Any art on our walls is typically the "useful" type (aka, wine rack on our wall in the kitchen that holds, you guessed it, wine bottles in lots of pretty colors (heaven only knows what they taste like.)  But they're pretty and they're my "Art".)
     We had our family pics taken at Wolfgang's a few years ago (holy cow, years?!?!?)  And while we hung up our main one, our 2 panel pictures have been propped up all over the house as we look for a place for them to go.  I admit, we bought before we knew where to put them.  They're too small to hang on a wall alone, but no where in our has is it small enough to hang them where they'd be appreciated.
     Until now, we finally have some art for our wall!

OK, along the top, and I admit, from Left to Right you can't see the first piece of Art.  
     Trust me though, it's an outline of VA with Yellow and Black background stripes.  The Hubbs attends VCU, I grew up in Pittsburgh.  Black and yellow are loved by both cultures.  
     Then we have the tri pannel of our family from Wolfgangs.  The Hubbs and Annie, the Hubbs and me, and Paul and me.  
     The top right one I saw and loved it for the funny sweet reason.  The quote on it is from the Talking Heads: "Love me 'til my heart stops.  Love me 'til I'm dead."  with 2 skeletons.  Maybe it's my gallows humor, but I think it's sweet.
     On the bottom far Left, I have a print from a local artist from where I went to college at.  It's called a Clarion Winter and it always seems to be winter in Clarion.
     The middle isn't anything really interesting to look at, but it's the wedding vows from the JP who married us.  Sentimental fools, yes, that's us at times.
     Last but not least, the Duck was in Pittsburgh this year.  While we never got the chance to see it, we saw this in the Strip District from one of the street vendors and had to have it.   I'm embarrassed to admit, but I can't find his card now.  And I can't read the signature on The Duck to even begin to tell you who he is.  If you're ever in the Strip across from Belle Notte and you see a guy with an European Accent selling pictures and turquoise rings, that's him!  (please post his info below if you see him!)

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  1. LOVE it! Looking forward to seeing any additions you make to the wall!