Sunday, December 22, 2013

What Annie Ate: Holiday edition

     I'm one of those people who bakes in December.  And I'm now at the point that about half of the baking is for dogs and half is for people.  New on my list this year is nut roll.  Both my mother and grandmother make it and there are even special pans my grandmother has for making them.
     The last roll we sliced up this morning for breakfast with our coffee.  The Hubbs and I had eaten most of it and left 1 piece on the plate.  He went to grab a shower, I went to put dog beds into the car to go to the dog mall.  When we came back to the room, this is what we found:

Notice the empty plate and the crumbs on the bed.
And at the foot of the bed, Annie sniffing for the last of the nut roll crumbs.

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