Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Equipment Failure

     You know that moment when you offer up your 5 second prayer of, "Oh dear God, please let my dog come back to me before he hurts himself or others."  And as soon as you say that, your dog comes running back to you full speed (and you can't even see that because it's dark outside, so you just see a cloud of warm air moving quickly to you).  Yes, I know this is horrible sentence composition, however this is what Paul and I just went through with on our evening walk.  We're now both sitting on the couch chilling out together, but it was crazy there for awhile (probably only 15 seconds, but it felt much longer.)


  1. Omg, what part of the connection between you and Paul broke??? This just made my whole body palpitate.

  2. That's the crazy thing, the leash was working fine, Paul ran off with me behind, he came back, I reattached the leash, and we finished the walk with the leash working perfectly fine. I can't figure out what happened to the leash that he was able to run off on me.