Monday, February 11, 2013

Things Annie and Paul Love: Best Bully Sticks

     Somewhere along the line, someone clued us in to the fact that Best Bully Sticks exhists and that they're based out of Richmond, VA.  (We live just south of Richmond).  I was plesently surprised to find that they were much cheeper than what we were paying ($7 for a foot long bully stick).  We sat down a placed an order that night for 50 bully sticks with the thought that they'd last a while.  A month later, we were buying more.

     Since then, we've loved ordering from Best Bully Sticks.  We tend to order in packs of 50 and between the hubbs military discount and the auto reorder discount, it's not badly priced for us (it's about 2.35 for a foot long bully stick.)  Also, since we live just south of Richmond, our order tends to get here in 3 days!

     For us, a 12 inch bully stick tends to last about 20 minutes.  Long enough to knit a few rows in a rug, make dinner, write a few blog entries, or anything else I need 20 minutes of peace and quiet to do.

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