Monday, August 11, 2014

Moving: With Dogs!

     In about a week, the Hubbs, Annie, Paul, and I will be moving!  We're only going about 50 miles, so it's not a huge move, however, it's still nuts!  Our square footage is being cut in half.  And, for the first time in years, we'll be living in an apartment.
Annie, nose on, ears off.  She'd be gone in 10 seconds.

     I've been reading back posts of Two Pitties in the City trying to "hack" how to live in a small place.  The dogs are loosing their dog room, and the Hubbs is loosing his "man cave."  We'll have about 700 square feet.
Paul may be nice and calm here, but all I need is a squirrel and we'd be in trouble.

     However, in all of this, I'm trying to figure out how to actually move with the dogs.  I realize the obvious: They will hop into the Prius and off we'll go!  However, with unloading the truck, the car, and moving everything in, I don't want to worry about one of them escaping and getting lost.
     Any one have any suggestions as to how to move Annie and Paul?


  1. I think taking over a load of dog stuff and getting them a corner set up with their "stuff" is really helpful - especially since you're moving close. Depending on how well they travel, you could put them in the new apartment while you bring stuff over (do they crate?). I know other people have put their dogs in daycare or boarding for the day while they move and again, have their stuff set up for them for when they go to the new home.

    Good luck and keep us posted!

    1. We've tried crate training before and Paul was far from impressed (I had to crawl under the bed he was hiding under for starters) Let's just say there's a reason they've had their own room in the house to stay in all day. We're going to a 1 bedroom house.