Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Woopps! We disappeared!

     Wow, yea, we disappeared there.  The last post on the blog is March 17th.  Where the heck have we been?  On a long strange trip, that's defiantly not as cool as the Grateful Dead would have you believe.

The day after out last post we were both running late this morning.  In an attempt to get a short walk in, the Hubbs took Annie and Paul out on retractible leashes for a quick romp in the yard.  Overnight, we thought it had rained. The Hubbs goes out the door, the door shuts, and I hear a strange noise.  I walked to the door to find the Hubbs lying on his back with blood coming from his mouth.  We thought it had rained, but it had iced.  The Hubbs hit the steps, his legs went out from under him, and he smacked his face on the steps.  I came out at the weird noise and slipped myself with a beautiful bruise on my backside.  We both missed a day of classes dealing with bruises, cuts, and the front steps winning a round.

     The rest of March dealing with the after effects of this: soar back, bruised ribs, stitch removal, and dealing with an idiot neurologist.  The steps defiantly won that round.  Luckily, the Hubbs glasses were ok.  

April, May, and June were spent with the Hubbs graduating from Virginia Commonwealth University with a Masters in Financial Economics (So ridiculously proud of him for this) and job interviews.
  In July, we got the official job offer and we're excited to announce that we're moving!  Grant it, it's not far, but we now have to pack up the house and move into an apartment half the size.   I keep wishing I lived closer to 2 Pitties in the City just so we could hand off some of our furniture to A & E who just moved from an apartment to a house!

   So ready or not, here comes another ride on the roller coaster, hold on tight. 

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  1. We're glad you're back (?)...or at least still there! Good luck with the move -- how stressful! Congrats to your husband!! Keep us posted on how the move goes!