Monday, September 23, 2013

Oh, Paul......

     While Mr. B at Two Pitties in the City is afraid of cats, Paul thinks, "I can take 'em!"  Evidence of this can be found presently on my left wrist:

     By the way, Paul is presently nudging at it trying to get me to pet him with my left hand.  He hasn't figured out yet that trying to type with this thing is difficult enough without someone nudging it.  *sigh*

     So, the stray cat in our neighborhood, AKA, "Paul's Arch Enemy" was strolling through the neighbor's front yard on Saturday while I had Paul and Annie out for a bathroom break in the front yard.  Annie was done and part way in the house.  Paul was finishing up and about to come in when he spotted Purple.

     Off he went in pursuit of Purple with my arm attached to his leash.  Clearly, my wrist wasn't happy with Paul's idea.  In 10 days, I'll have my left arm back, in the mean time, as Myron Cope used to say, "Yoi!"


  1. Whoops! Excitement! Please say hi to Paul for me!

  2. Yikes! At least I've never been injured with the cat-capades.